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Terms & Compliance

Recovery is built on trust. Before you choose a treatment option for yourself, a family member, or someone else, you need to know that you’re working with someone who will earn that trust. The following is more information about our personal standards.


Potential clients of The Well may be referred to us by a professional support person or they may self-refer. Those in need of an updated mental health or substance use disorder assessment may contact The Well’s Outpatient Program below.

You can make a referral three ways:

Sliding Scale

We offer a sliding fee scale, and do not turn anyone away based on inability to pay. It is our philosophy that ALL individuals in recovery deserve to be treated in a dignified and caring manner.

View Sliding Fee Scale Here

Corporate Compliance Plan

The Well has established a Corporate Compliance Plan outlining our philosophy, policies, and procedures. If you want to know the rules we live and work by, you will find them here.

Presiona aquí para descargar un PDF de nuestra Política de Cumplimiento Corporativo y Denunciantes.