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Mature man stands while he talks to a group during therapy at a mental health facility

Dual Disorder Residential Treatment

Our Dual Disorder program serves adults with a primary substance use disorder and a co-occurring severe and persistent mental illness. This service is highly structured, with integrated treatment to stabilize symptoms and engage clients in a program of maintenance, treatment, rehabilitation, and recovery.

Service Details

  • Forty-two hours of programming per week.
  • Dually licensed Counselor provides individual, family, and group counseling services.
  • Medication Management Provider offers psychiatric services.
  • Licensed Registered Nurse provides a health assessment within 24 hours of admission and ongoing medical care oversight.
  • Health and Wellness Coordinator provides individual and group health and medication education services.
  • Case Manager provides individual and group education services.
  • Certified Peer Support Specialist offers individual and group recovery services.
  • Recovery Coach provides individual and group services.
  • Length of stay is generally up to six months.

Individually Tailored Programs

We know that the path to addiction and mental illness can differ by gender identity, so the recovery process should differ as well. Being in a treatment program that fits your identity allows for strong bonding to develop with a no-nonsense approach to getting well.

Length of stay for this program is approximately four to six months. Clients are paired with a licensed counselor, nurse, health and wellness coordinator, and more to bring them closer to rehabilitation and recovery. This allows time to really focus on the barriers you face with the goal of never having to go to treatment again!

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