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Who We Are

The Well is a mental health and substance recovery agency in Norfolk, Nebraska. We offer both long-term residential and outpatient treatment. We believe ALL people in recovery from behavioral health disorders deserve to be treated with dignity and care. We’re especially mindful of traditionally underserved populations and people with limited financial resources. We offer a sliding fee scale, and do not turn anyone away based on inability to pay.

Our Approach

Our purpose is creating a supportive community that empowers every individual with real solutions for their journey to lasting mental and emotional well-being. Our approach is rooted in evidence-based treatment and trauma-informed care.

Our expert practitioners provide a service continuum, from crisis services through medication management, peer support, and even programs for parents with young children. We’re informed by innovative therapy approaches, and committed to culture change in behavioral health. The common view of recovery isn’t always accurate or realistic, and we’re committed to fostering new attitudes and breaking down stigmas.

Our Person-First Approach recognizes and prioritizes the unique needs, circumstances, and preferences of each individual. No one chooses to be in active addiction or mentally unwell; their environment must set them up for success. Together, we’ll continue trying new ideas and options until we find the key to that person’s individual recovery. As they say, it is a journey – not a destination – and we will always show up for clients who show up for themselves. We never, ever give up on anyone.

The Well’s Mission is to deliver real solutions in behavioral health through compassion, innovation, and collaboration.

By building an inclusive community, we offer comprehensive treatment and resources to empower individuals of diverse backgrounds.

Our Philosophy

The Well personalizes recovery by tailoring treatment to each individual’s culture, values, and goals. By challenging outdated systems and empowering clients as experts in their journey, we dismantle barriers to care. Informed by the latest research and client feedback, our approach sets a new standard in behavioral health, paving the way for innovative paths to wellness.

Core Values

How we work with clients is what sets The Well apart, and it is the manifestation of our beliefs. These are the values at our core:

Grounded in Hope

“There is hope for everyone”

The Well maintains optimism and resilience in the face of challenges and uncertainty. We hold the belief in a positive future while remaining realistic about the present circumstances. Grounded in hope, people find the strength to persevere, adapt, and work towards a better tomorrow. These individuals serve as a source of inspiration for those around them and nurture a culture of unwavering determination and possibility.

Show up with Generosity

“An abundance of helping hands”

We approach every interaction and endeavor with a spirit of generosity and giving. Our team supports and uplifts others without expecting anything in return. The Well understands the power of selflessness in building strong relationships and fostering a culture of kindness and empathy. When people consistently show up with generosity, they create a ripple effect of positivity that can transform both personal and professional environments.

Check the Ego

“Our Mission > Ego”

This value embodies the principle of humility and self-awareness. We recognize that no individual, regardless of their skills or achievements, is superior to others. Instead, we encourage a mindset of openness to feedback, a willingness to admit mistakes, and a genuine respect for the contributions and perspectives of others. By checking one’s ego, individuals foster a more collaborative and inclusive environment, where ideas are valued over personal pride.

Embrace Diversity

“Come as you are”

The Well is a place that recognizes and appreciates the richness of human differences. We make a continuous effort to understand and celebrate the various backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives that make our society vibrant. Our team promotes an inclusive environment where prejudice and bias are actively challenged and where people of all backgrounds are treated with respect and equity.

All in all, the greatest thing I’ve gained was the ability to be honest with myself. I was allowed a safe place to open up and have gained the tools to cope with those realizations.”

– Jordan