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Children’s Therapy

Addiction and mental health challenges impact every member of the family – especially the youngest. This specialized program uses kids’ natural urge to play and explore to support their developmental, emotional, and mental health needs.


Play Therapy [Children ages 0-12 years]

For children ages 0-12 years, we often use Play Therapy. Play is a natural medium for self-expression that helps kids express themselves, process difficult experiences, and develop coping mechanisms in a safe, non-threatening environment. Through art, games, and storytelling, Play Therapy addresses issues such as anxiety, trauma, behavioral challenges, and social challenges. Our skilled and compassionate therapists tailor sessions to the needs of each child.

Child/Parent Psychotherapy [Children ages 0-5 years]

Adults and children experience stress differently, even when they experience it together. This program unites parent and child in a therapy environment where they can heal as a family.

Child/Parent Psychotherapy, or CPP, is for children from birth through age five and their parents or caregivers. No one is more important in a child’s life than the adults who care for them. Difficult experiences can strain these foundational relationships, and it helps to deal with them together. Children learn to make sense of what their family went through, cope with negative emotions, and gain a sense of what they can expect in the future.


CPP can be especially helpful when:

  • Children have been through loss of a loved one, separation, or abuse and violence
  • Children show difficult behavior
  • There are changes in placement or caregivers
  • Caregivers want or need help with parenting and building stronger parent-child relationships


CPP is structured in three steps:

  • STEP 1: Getting to know the family
  • STEP 2: Addressing the family’s needs
  • STEP 3: Planning for the family’s future


You are the only one that explained how trauma is affecting my daughter, and I’m so grateful.


He knows that he can talk to me, he can come to me, he can trust me. In the beginning, he didn’t. Big difference from the little boy who was afraid.


The Circle of Security Parenting course is a highly recommended prerequisite before participating in this program. If you have questions, please contact us.

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