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A source for empowerment
in recovery

Every recovery journey is different, just like every person. Our spectrum of care brings healing and transformation to all people living with mental health, substance use, or co-occurring disorders in Northeast Nebraska.


Woman offers encouragement to the person sitting beside her during a group therapy session.

Our Approach to Care

We recognize that addiction and mental health needs do not occur independently, and often individuals need holistic assistance in all areas of their lives to become well.
Our services are:

Portrait of mid adult woman during group therapy at a mental health center

Trauma Responsive

We provide a safe, supportive, and healing environment for those who have experienced trauma, designed to avoid or minimize trauma triggers and re-traumatization.

Portrait of an young person sitting in a group therapy session


We walk side by side with those we serve on their recovery journey. We recognize each person as the expert in their recovery and encourage, empower, and support their vision for recovery.

Portrait of a Caucasian female teenager, wearing a rose colored hoodie

Individually Tailored

Our services adapt to people’s unique needs, addressing gender identity, medical, psychological, social, spiritual, familial, financial, and occupational requirements.

Mature man stands while he talks to a group during therapy at a mental health facility

Recovery Focused

We believe each person’s recovery journey is as unique as they are. We build on individual strengths rather than set outcomes to develop hope, coping skills, and supportive relationships.

Therapist writing notes in book for group therapy with men. Listening to shared trauma experiences and stories with diverse people.

Culturally Aware

We respect each person’s blend of cultural influences and incorporate cultural strengths, needs, and preferences into their individualized treatment program.

Laughing young African American man listening to something on wireless headphones


We work to stay informed and practice the most current models of treatment that have been shown to be effective in treating behavioral health disorders.

Our Services

Residential Treatment

Comprehensive options to remove barriers, create strong bonds, and get well for good. Programs tailored across the gender spectrum, including for mothers.

Crisis Resource Navigators and Referral Experts

When you need help now, call 888.370.7003. Crisis Care Navigators and Referral Experts are there 24/7 to get you the support you need.

Supportive Housing

Up to 12 weeks of transitional living, with or without programs to help you. Supportive Housing also offers a permanent option for people in recovery.

Outpatient Care

Long-term wellness takes many forms, so our outpatient care includes specific, complementary options for counseling, medication management, and more.

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