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Tera Newcombe, PLADC, CPSS



Meet Tera Newcombe, a dedicated professional holding credentials as a Provisionally Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (PLADC) and Certified Peer Support Specialist (CPSS). Tera’s multifaceted role at The Well encompasses her experience as a Counselor, Peer Support Specialist, Med Aide, and Recovery Coach, reflecting her commitment to comprehensive care.  Tera has been a valuable team member at The Well since 2014.

Tera’s ‘why’ in her work at The Well revolves around walking alongside people in their journey to create changes and patterns that lead to a more positive and meaningful life for themselves. Her compassion and dedication make her an integral part of The Well’s mission, where she contributes to fostering growth and well-being in the lives of those she serves.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Tera finds joy and relaxation in the world of softball. Whether on the field or cheering from the sidelines, the sport is a constant source of enthusiasm and connection for her.

For her second “fun” photo, Tera chose art that symbolizes her outlook on life – always seeking the beauty in the world. This artistic representation mirrors her commitment to guiding individuals toward positive and meaningful transformations.


Fun Fact: Tera has had the adventure of skydiving, revealing her adventurous spirit and willingness to embrace life’s exhilarating moments.