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Seth Rivest, PLMHP, LADC



Meet Seth Rivest, a dedicated professional with credentials as a Provisionally Licensed Mental Health Practitioner (PLMHP) and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC), he is contributing to The Well’s mission in a profound way. The Well holds a special place in Seth’s heart, as it offered him his first counseling position, a role he embraced wholeheartedly. Since then, he has found a meaningful purpose and hasn’t felt the need to go anywhere else, highlighting his commitment to the organization’s values and mission.

Outside of his counseling role, Seth’s life is a dynamic blend of personal passions and responsibilities. As a single dad, much of his time is devoted to his role as a parent and navigating the intricacies of addiction recovery. Beyond these, Seth finds peace in woodworking and embraces the occasional round of golf, weather permitting.

For his second “fun” photo, Seth chose to highlight his belief in the healing properties of music and its ability to connect humanity, much like the power of emotions. This perspective aligns with his ‘why’ in his work at The Well. As a person in recovery, Seth deeply understands the transformative impact of behavioral health support. Motivated by the incredible help he received during his journey, he is determined to pay it forward, aspiring to be a hero for someone else and contribute to The Well’s mission of providing crucial assistance to those in need.


Fun Fact: Seth has had a love for playing the tuba since high school, a passion that has brought joy and fulfillment throughout his life.