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Matthew Headley


Board Member

Meet Matthew Headley, JD (Juris Doctor) bringing a wealth of legal knowledge to The Well’s Board of Directors, joining in 2023. As an attorney, Matthew’s work background and experience contribute to his diverse skill set. His legal expertise lends itself well to advancing our organization’s goals. Matthew has served as a member of The Well’s Board of Directors since 2023.

Matthew’s commitment to The Well’s mission is evident in his dedication to utilizing legal avenues to foster positive outcomes. Matthew recognizes the profound impact that focusing on self-improvement can have on individual lives. This aligns seamlessly with The Well’s commitment to providing services that empower individuals to enhance their well-being and lead more fulfilling lives.

Matthew’s involvement with The Well underscores the importance of legal advocacy in the realm of behavioral health and well-being. His ‘why’ centers on the belief that the services The Well offers are beneficial, emphasizing the positive outcomes that individuals can achieve when they prioritize self-improvement. Matthew’s legal expertise contributes to the multifaceted approach employed by The Well, ensuring that legal avenues are explored to create a healthy organization that empowers lasting change for those seeking support.


Fun Fact: Matthew has four active kids who attend Norfolk Catholic.