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Kari Kraenow


Board Member

Kari Kraenow, with her Bachelor’s of Science in Human Development and Relationships with a minor in Early Childhood Education, has devoted 31 years as a Children and Family Services Specialist at Health and Human Services. Her extensive experience in this role speaks to her deep commitment to community welfare and the well-being of families. Kari’s dedication and hands-on experience in the field make her an invaluable asset to The Well’s Board of Directors, which she joined in 2019.

Kari’s ‘why’ in being a part of The Well’s mission is deeply rooted in her first-hand experience of the community’s needs through her work. Over the years, she has witnessed the transformative effects of The Well’s services on the families she impacts with her own work. The joy derived from seeing the organization grow and positively affect the lives of those she serves further fuels her commitment. Kari’s personal and professional alignment with The Well’s mission makes her an advocate for the community’s well-being, embodying the values of compassion, fitness, and a love for adventure.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Kari’s personal life is anchored in her passions for family and faith. These values serve as a driving force in her life, grounding her commitment to community service. Kari is an advocate for an active lifestyle, whether at home or on vacation, reveling in the satisfaction of achieving fitness goals.


Fun Fact: Kari prefers a snowy ski vacation over a beach retreat anyday!