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Jodi Aschoff



Jodi Aschoff serves as our Board Treasurer, and started her service in 2020. Jodi has spent the past 34 years at Osmond General Hospital, during the last 24 years, she has served, and continues to serve as the Chief Financial Officer. Her extensive tenure in financial leadership has equipped her with a unique skill set that makes her a valuable asset as our agency has continued its growth.

Beyond her professional achievements, Jodi’s personal life reflects her commitment to family and community. She finds joy in attending various sporting events and actively participating in the lives of her children and grandchildren. This commitment to family aligns with her passion for The Well’s mission. Jodi’s support system plays a crucial role in her life, emphasizing the value she places on relationships and community bonds.

Jodi’s ‘why’ in being a part of The Well’s mission is rooted in her passion for its success. Her financial background serves as a strong foundation, and her dedication is driven by a genuine desire to see The Well flourish. Jodi’s commitment reflects her belief in the organization’s potential to make a positive impact, aligning with her own values of community, family, and success.


Fun Fact: Jodi has an adventurous side—she loves roller coasters. This enthusiasm for thrilling rides showcases her ability to find joy in the unexpected.