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David Gaster


Director of Facilities

Top 5 Strengths: Learner, Analytical, Ideation, Intellection, Strategic

Kolbe A: 6627

Working Genius: WI – ED – TG


Meet David Gaster, a seasoned professional serving as the Director of Facilities at The Well. David brings to the team 30 years of experience in construction and a 15-year ownership of a small business, specializing in commercial and residential construction/maintenance. His career has encompassed a degree in Welding Technology from Northeast, serving as a Construction Survey Crew Chief for NDOR in District 2, and spending time operating heavy equipment such as payloaders, gravel trucks and snow plows. Additional experience includes operating CAD systems and Certified Concrete Inspector.

David’s commitment to The Well’s mission is deeply rooted in his caretaker personality and passion for providing support. With a belief that his skills are best utilized in a supportive role, he acknowledges The Well’s vital role in the community and is proud to stand behind an organization with an exceptional team. For David, being a part of The Well means contributing to a mission that aligns with his values and allows him to channel his skills and passion into making a meaningful difference.

David’s dedication extends beyond the workplace to his personal life, where his wife and two children hold a special place. His driving forces are the joy of learning new things and making a positive impact on people’s lives. In his leisure time, David’s affinity for solving puzzles and mysteries is evident, as captured in his “fun” photo featuring a puzzle ball. Showcasing our favorite strengths: his analytical mindset and passion for unraveling challenges, both in his personal and professional life.


Fun Fact: A remarkable tidbit about David is his unique experience of flying in a plane but never landing – a period during which he parachuted out!!  He was also commissioned as an Admiral in the Nebraska Navy for being employee of the year in NDORs District 2!