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Cheryl Timm



Cheryl Timm is The Well’s Board President, serving as a member since 2017. She brings a wealth of experience and commitment to education and community development. Holding a Master’s degree in Family & Consumer Sciences from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Cheryl has spent over 35 years in various educational roles that have shaped her into a versatile and compassionate educator. Her diverse background includes serving as a Cooperative Extension Educator at UNL, a Secondary Education Teacher, an Adjunct College Instructor, an Early Childhood Care Provider, and a Youth Leadership Advisor.

Cheryl’s core belief in the potential for personal growth and transformation has been a guiding principle throughout her career. She has witnessed the positive impact of education on individuals of all ages and backgrounds, inspiring her to continue contributing to the development of others. Cheryl brings to her work an open mind and a genuine willingness to understand and learn from those around her. Her philosophy emphasizes inclusivity, ensuring that “everyone has a seat at the table and is both seen and heard.”

Outside of her professional life, Cheryl is driven by a personal connection to the mission of The Well. Having experienced the positive effects of an organization similar to The Well in supporting her family member’s recovery, she understands the importance of such initiatives.

Cheryl’s ‘why’ in being a part of The Well’s mission stems from her desire to give back and be instrumental in helping others on their journey to recovery. She is passionate about creating an inclusive and supportive community where everyone, regardless of their background or status, can have a seat at the table.


Fun Fact: Not only does Cheryl love to nurture people, she loves to nurture plants of all types: flowers, vegetables and houseplants.